i want


小时候不懂得欣赏bob dylan 以为这个总戴着帽子男人太过于避世和做作
吉他 声音 加上口琴 简单的 配合 却道出了他的生活

后来慢慢长大 从他的歌中感受到的更多的是一种平和的心静
现在想来必定是自己当时太过于年轻气盛 狂妄自大了点 根本读不出深奥的东西

如今依旧两手空空 却因为时间的堆积 产生了更多奇幻的想法
那些原本看不清看不明的东西 突然变得豁然开朗 心境自然也不同于以往

由某个男人带入的世界 总是充满了未知与好奇
而后的时间 用于自己去揣摩和体会 后来发现那些美好 不仅仅是声音带来的 更多的时候发自更深层的地方

如今想来 如果不是当初 一脚误入了摇滚这个怪圈 也许我根本不会是现在的我
如果不曾接触这些 也许在我身边的人/事都会呈现出另一番景象

有时候 不得不感谢一些人 他们带着我成长 教会我欣赏
而如今 我独自醉心于这些美好的音乐之中 再也不愿拔身而出…..


i want u -bob dylan

The guilty undertaker sighs,
The lonesome organ grinder cries,
The silver saxophones say I should refuse you.
The cracked bells and washed-out horns
Blow into my face with scorn,
But it’s not that way,
I wasn’t born to lose you.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.
The drunken politician leaps
Upon the street where mothers weep
And the saviors who are fast asleep,
They wait for you.
And I wait for them to interrupt
Me drinkin’ from my broken cup
And ask me to
Open up the gate for you.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.
Now all my fathers, they’ve gone down
True love they’ve been without it.
But all their daughters put me down
‘Cause I don’t think about it.
Well, I return to the Queen of Spades
And talk with my chambermaid.
She knows that I’m not afraid
To look at her.
She is good to me
And there’s nothing she doesn’t see.
She knows where I’d like to be
But it doesn’t matter.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.
Now your dancing child with his Chinese suit,
He spoke to me, I took his flute.
No, I wasn’t very cute to him,
Was I?
But I did it, though, because he lied
Because he took you for a ride
And because time was on his side
And because I . . .
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you.
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